4 tips on how to pack for a vacation

We all enjoy vacations especially the long ones. It’s an opportunity for fun, relaxation, and the rare opportunities we get to not think about work and any other problems back at home. However, the most dreaded part about making this travel arrangement is the bit about packing. Most of us just don’t know what to carry. We don’t want to carry too much unnecessary stuff, or end up forgetting essential stuff.

Well, this article is for you, if packing is one of your dreaded experiences. Here are 4 tips that will guarantee you stress-free packing.

#1 The first step is to always make a packing list

When planning to travel, especially if this is a trip you have been planning for a while, it’s essential to have a packing list. The idea is to start making this list early so that you can always update it if you realize that you have left out something. Once you have given some though to your list, it’s ready, and you’re confident about it, packing will be easy because it will just be about putting check marks against your list as you fill up your suitcase and carry on.

#2 Identify the best packing technique

When packing for a trip, the idea is to be able to carry enough stuff but not too much luggage. This therefore requires creativity in your packing technique. The most recommended techniques will be rolling and vacuum bags. When you roll your clothes and insert them into vacuum bags, you not only save on space in your suitcase, but also save your clothes from creasing. It’s a vacation, you don’t want to get to your hotel with creased clothes and start worrying about incurring extra costs of ironing them.

#3 Make use of every inch of space

As we’ve mentioned above, expert packing is about being able to carry more stuff but less luggage. This therefore requires you to master the ability of making use of every inch of space in your suitcase. One of the ways you can do this is, as opposed to folding your small pieces of clothing and placing your shoes on top of them, you can first place your shoes into the suitcase then roll your small items like socks, underwear, small tops and any other clothing item, then have them stuffed into your shoes. This will enable you have more room in the suitcase for additional items.

#4 Be sure to weigh your luggage

You should be fully aware that airplanes have a luggage limit and you will be forced to pay extra if you exceed this limit. It’s therefore smart for you to weigh your luggage beforehand so that you don’t get any surprises while at the airport. Avoiding unnecessary things such as toiletries which you can buy at your destination, or hardcopy books which you plan to read will be a good start in cutting down the weight.

When planning for a vacation, it’s always important to remember that you are going for relaxation therefore don’t let your luggage be the reason you don’t get to relax. Ensure that you purpose to travel as light as possible.

Infographic by: businessinsider.com