Here are the top 3 best rated hotels in Toulouse

When planning a trip to the beautiful and culture filled City of Toulouse, having the right accommodation is important. Whether you’re traveling alone on business or on a romantic trip with your spouse, or on a family vacation, it will be necessary to choose a hotel that will enhance your travel experience.

Here is our top 3 list of the best rated hotels in Toulouse.

#1 Grand Hotel de l’Opéra

The Grand Hotel de l’Opéra is undoubtedly the most renowned hotel in the City of Toulouse and one of the city’s landmarks. This is because the place this grand 5-star hotel stands was a convent back in the 17thcentury. The Grand Hotel de l’Opéra is an epitome of luxury, this is evident right from the rooms and suites which have been well furnished, decorated and expertly finished. The hotel will offer its guests an opportunity to get some pampering through hammam, sauna sessions, and massages – a really good way to spend a romantic vacation, similar to when you hire a luxury car in a place like Monaco from Grand Hotel de l’Opéra has a beautifully designed restaurant that serves really sumptuous gourmet cuisines as well as an Italian-style bar where you can enjoy a drink or two as you wind down the day. Most importantly, this hotel is strategically located in the city center which is convenient for visitors who intend to do some exploration in the city.

#2 Hôtel Héliot

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The Hôtel Héliot in Toulouse is a really good option for a romantic getaway especially when on a budget. This is quite a small hotel with just 12 rooms meaning you get an intimate atmosphere that will allow you and your better half to enjoy romantic moments undisturbed. The service is really good with staffs who are dedicated to making you feel right at home. This hotel has all the modern equipment and comforts to ensure you fully enjoy your stay. When it comes to the budget bit, the hotel has an affordable menu as well as an expensive menu for various meals thereby enabling you to enjoy pocket friendly dining.

#3 Le Grand Balcon Hotel

Le Grand Balcon hotel located in the City of Tolouse, right at the main square is a luxury boutique hotel with contemporary finishes as well as the typical modern equipment and comforts, meaning you should rent a Mercedes in London if you want to get the most out of your trip. It has suites that have lounge areas, as well as a 1930s-themed suite that is dedicated to Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, a pioneering airman. The hotel is just a few minutes’ walk from a number of landmarks within the city square. It will serve as a good option for people visiting Toulouse either for pleasure or on business.

Because these are popular hotels, it will serve you best to make your reservations in advance. Just one point of caution is that all these hotels are located at the heart of Toulouse’s city square therefore there will be the obvious noise that can at times be frustrating especially if you are looking for some peace and quiet. All in all,you can rest assured that your stay will be awesome.