The 4 best restaurants in Toulouse

One of the top things that positions France as an ideal travel destination is its array of cultural and sumptuous cuisines. The City of Toulouse, which is essentially the capital of the southwestern region of France with a renowned cultural heritage, is not an exception. This city has a wide offering of top-notch hotels and restaurants that seem to have the sole purpose of giving your taste buds an experience of a lifetime.

Here are the 4 best restaurants you must check out when in Toulouse.

The Michel Sarran restaurant

Michel Sarran is undoubtedly one of the most popular restaurants in Toulouse for both locals and visitors alike. Much of the credit goes to Michel Sarran, a famous chef who has mastered the art of creating a welcoming and comfy atmosphere for his customers through a combination of good food and an awesome ambience. The hotel menu is simply amazing and unique, with a taste that just keeps you coming back for more. This restaurant is also known for its array of fine wines that add to the good dining experience.

The Chez Emile restaurant

The Chez Emile restaurant in Toulouse can be considered as a historical landmark in itself. The restaurant has been in operation since the 40s, though it originally started as a guest house. Today, it’s one of the stand-out restaurants in this beautiful city. It’s located in Place Saint-Georges, Toulouse, an area surrounded with charming villages. This environment helps bring out the beauty of this restaurant which itself is picturesque with eye catching décor and a traditional French cuisine that is unmatched in the whole of France.It’s for this reason that advance booking is necessary, if you are to get a seat here and get to enjoy the sumptuous offering.

La Roulotte restaurant

La Roulotte is a small restaurant at the heart of the City of Toulouse that has positioned itself as the go to eatery if you are looking for a taste of a home cooked meal. One of the unique aspects about this restaurant is that the menu changes weekly therefore you are always guaranteed of a new sumptuous experience every time you are here for a meal. La Roulotte has mastered the art of preparing traditional French delicacies and this ensures this small restaurant fills up pretty fast with eager and hungry customers looking to satisfy their taste buds. It will be a good idea if you book a table early.



The L’Ouverture Restaurant Musical

If you want to enjoy the double pleasure of a serenade while satisfying your taste buds with a well prepared traditional delicacy, then the L’Ouverture Restaurant Musical is the place of choice. This restaurant is famous for its Italian gourmet cuisine which is well complemented with music to create the perfect ambience for a meal. It’s one of the restaurants you just have to check out when in Toulouse.

An important point to note is that these restaurants are well priced and you can be guaranteed they will not dent your wallet in any way. The experience is worth every penny.